Last February, after reading an astrology report about the solar eclipse, I recognised a feeling of change, I felt a fresh and invigorating energy. Since the latter part of last year and the beginning of this one, it felt like we were reliving almost the same events that we experienced at the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. After so many prophecies, and many new era movements building on the event, many people have had a sense of disappointment because most of them were expecting some kind of spectacular change. They were expecting the actual shift of realities, from one moment to the next.  

I had the feeling for several years previous to the date that we would, probably, not see any significant changes. For me, I understand the whole thing as a progressive, ongoing shifting, a process of many years. In fact, it would be a very slow process. So, I was encouraging people to not have any expectations, but rather to stay in the present moment and find the contentment there.

But this year, I have to admit that, at the personal level, it felt so different. Could it be that this was it, the actual change or shift in time that we were expecting in 2013?

Writing the lines of this poem felt like we could actually lift the veil and have a peep of what was to come, and it felt so good… so positive. I had a sudden and unexpected sensation of relief. How come? I thought, where was this relief coming from? Had I been stressed unknowingly?

The way of consciousness is so vast…

We often are thrilled with the possibility of knowing the future, though so many other times we tremble at the mere thought of actually knowing it. I can’t help but smile at our own vulnerability. The experience to live in these bodies is so simple many times but so complex at other time; is basically very dualistic most of the time.


Poem: Solar Eclispe

There is something stirring inside

you are still not sure what it is

but you can feel it under your skin

you can sense it waiting for you around the corners of your trembling consciousness

you can guess its outline by the trail that gives off its essence

it hunts you and you´re delighted

it irrupts your sleepiness leaving the sweet taste of the alive and the unknown

it bursts into hundreds of laughter that crave to see the light

and you know it..

you know there is something awaiting underneath the thin layer of what you call reality

it is the roar of a distant and ancient drum that begins to thunder .. gathering the truth in your heart … gathering all the pieces of your existence

and you recognize it…

there is a mystic call beginning to awaken your senses

there is an ancient fire beginning to shine from within dissolving the old garments of time.. and its tic tocs on your skin

(there is a kiss and a maternal and divine caress that erases the tattoos of its deceitful promise)

(it begins to gather your being licking the remaining spoils of your sleep)

it shakes and summons an ancient call that bursts in your throat and erupts in your lips to be shouted now and be trusted to the leaves in the trees

there is something that doesn’t rest anymore

and that claims the innocence of your being to the four winds

there is something that summons you to yourself

you try to elude it and run away

but the secret wish of your soul is to fall to the feet of its encounter

you try to resist to the longing of its memory

but it is time

the moment has arrived to the inevitable

this is the reason of your existence

and to open to proclaim what it provokes in your chest