“Born in the Local Universe, Laniakea, the Virgo Cluster, the Local group of galaxies, the Milky Way Galaxy, the Solar System, Planet Earth, Europe, Spain, Madrid. In the knowledge that it is time to bridge our differences and start embracing the bigger picture in all of us, I wrote the above as a subtle joke, and yet there is a serious truth in it. We are all in this amazing journey together.

My first memories remained with the infinite and its mystery. In my younger years, I could remember the subtle energies of the other side, the communication, the memories. They tell me I was born with an innate curiosity, I remember showing a lot of interest in all that belonged to the creative arts. Music and painting was my first passion, and later I started expressing myself through singing and dancing, though just at moments when I was with myself at home, I would sing and dance. Though I was not encouraged to follow my passion for it was not seen enough for this world, I shut my voice little by little. I remember when I started disconnecting in some way, I was around 6 or 7. The feeling of not been in touch with this reality, of not being able to be seen or be heard or express my voice in this world started.

This led me to study sound engineering- if I could not sing at least I wanted to be close to music- and later on to film and theater. With a multifaceted nature, I showed talent in many areas, yet I still lacked connection to this world and my purpose here, all remained empty and uninteresting at some level and had the sense of disconnection and an absence of my true voice.

After many years traveling around the world, I found a new passion within the world of spirituality, shamanism,  metaphysics and finally music from a different perspective. I began a personal quest to re-tune, Remember again, and re-connect with my most authentic self. My perception of the world and my life changed forever. I began to see the world through love again and music had a big part to play, everything revealed a new meaning, nothing was out of place. 

I began to study techniques of healing and since 2000 walking the path of the healer, healing myself, and being the catalyst for others to heal themselves. Through the healing ourselves, and sparking others to heal, I know we help the whole planet towards a deeper sense of humanity, authenticity, and connectedness. We are truly ascending, and we are doing this together.

Amazingly all the things I knew about Christ opened up, and it all, all of a sudden, reached a much deeper level of meaning, it all made sense. Everything was new in front of my eyes.
Everything felt real again. It felt like being reborn again. This time within the Womb of this Earth Mother or what they called the Divine Mother.

I studied and practiced Yoga, Tao Yin & Tao practices, I opened to some tools like Christic tuning, Energetic Polarization, family constellation, works of empowerment, the powerful sharing among women circles. I immersed myself into the worlds of Shamanism, Astrology, and Kabbalah directed towards soul psychology, and various philosophy systems. Everything helped me reached a new depth of comprehension around myself, this life and this world.

Soul psychology emerged on its own, a deeper understanding, a knowing of life and others emerged as I dove into my own heart. The heart awakening is pure wisdom emerging. I found Christ in my heart, and there is no deeper teacher than this one. Then I awoke to the voice of this planet, I hear her everywhere I go, the Voice of Gaia, and I learn from Her. She, who I call the Mother, has been accompanying and guiding me. I could not have better guides and teachers. Since then, the invitation to work with nature, overall with whales, has opened amazing new levels of connection and understanding of this beautiful consciousness Earth. She is very much alive and communicating with all of us. These beings have opened a new level of understanding sound, they are waiting for us to open to deeper levels of realization, they are some of the most loving and intelligent living beings you can encounter.

I am now intuitively opening to the healing that music and sound bring. And through art, writing, music, and singing, I have found a very profound expression of my voice. Storytelling, as ancient as this earth, poems, singing improvisations and bard or troubadour songs lie in my own heart.

An innate knowing has led me to dedicate my life to the awakening of the innate wisdom that I know lies within all of us.
To dedicate my life to bring a voice to this planet, that is finding now, through so many of us, ways of expression, for healing, for aligning ourselves with our deepest nature, to come back to our essence and to return to the path of love. “Humanity”, with big letters, is still waiting to be revealed through us, and all the wonders that we are capable of manifesting, little by little, finding new grounds for cooperation.

In my experience, all the forms of art help to reawaken the feminine aspect so forgotten, the discovery of ourselves through intuition and creativity.

To weave a way to interface, the qualities from our left brain with our right brain, or in other words, art and science, or spirituality and science, or heaven and earth, inspires me to the utmost, as in my own experience they are united in more ways than we can think of, for both are highly creativity in action. Both are the power of manifestation.

There is a deep science involved in all arts, as old as the universe. At one point, we will completely understand and be at peace with the fact that Science is an Art and that Art is a Science. Everything is One.”