​I could spend hours just listening to the same songs over and over again, then I would wait to have the house to myself to sing them.

Through my father´s wide selection of world music, I would visit the world through the eye of imagination. Every culture seemed so rich and exciting; they all held mystery in the shape of beauty. I would imagine myself putting together a show merging all the cultures of the world. I could imagine leaving our differences aside in these encounters through sound and colour. Since a very early age, I did not understand why there was fear about other cultures. Inspiring people to bridge our cultural differences and dissolve the fears around it, healing our wounds, in this regard, is still a wish in my heart.

I deeply believe that sound and music is the greatest tool for connection and healing there is. It is a straight connection to love.

Many times during improvised sessions with other musicians, I love to tell stories whilst singing in tones without words. I like to call myself a storyteller through song.

“Music is after all the most perfect sound to meet the silence. When you really listen to music, you begin to hear the beautiful way it constellates and textures the silence, how it brings out the hidden mystery of silence.”
John O´donohue

“We do not create music; we only create the conditions so that she can appear.”

Conductor Sergio Cilibidache, Conductor Sergio Cilibidache