Project Description

Joan of Arc

Since I was a child, the story of Joan of Arc has had a huge impact on my psyche. The feeling of being burnt alive was unbearable.

Although I knew how this theme affected me, every time this film showed on television I had to watch it. A part of me wanted to run to bed but another part couldn´t move. This painting of Joan of Arc was inspired by a vibrant red sepia photograph of a friend of mine. At first, I didn´t know what I was painting. Who knows, maybe it was the colour of the picture, or the fixed, timeless eyes  whispering things to my soul. But when I saw the flames coming out of my brush, I knew what it was about.

The last thing that came through me, was the Ankh, the key of life. Maybe it was for healing purposes, maybe it was to give all these women who burned in the fire a sense of eternity: the eternity of their souls.

This painting was sold to a very dear friend, who took it as a gift for his mother in Sweden. Though I´ve always found women powerful, I find Sweden to be one of the countries with the most powerful women.